[mythtv-users] IPTV recorder - simultaneous stream recording

Ian Cameron mkbloke at gmail.com
Tue Jun 12 15:00:07 UTC 2018


I have asked this question in a couple of IRC channels for mythtv and was
advised to ask my question here.

Does anybody familiar with the IPTV recorder code know if the (seemingly)
broken behaviour in 0.28 has been changed in 0.29?

Specifically, under 0.28, if I set up an IPTV recorder, it works for only 1
simultaneous recording, even if I set up multiple encoders.  It doesn't
help to set-up multiple IPTV recorders either, because the chanid in
iptv_channel is apparently derived from the string concatenation of
"sourceid"."channelnum", so even if I can make the URLs different, it
doesn't seem to help me solve this problem because the last URL for a given
chanid gets entered into iptv_channel table for a given chanid in the DB.
If it is sorted in 0.29 then I'll compile from a deb-src of 0.29 for my
Debian stable system.

Otherwise, is there any other way of getting around this issue?  I've been
wondering if emulating one of the network tuner cards might be a
possibility, but without enough specifications on the protocols for those
at present, I'm not sure how easy that might be...

I did manage to find this thread:
https://forum.mythtv.org/viewtopic.php?t=2425 which also seems to be
related to fundamentally the same issue.  One thing that has come out of
reading that is perhaps the idea of utilising an external black-box
recorder as a go-between.  Currently I'm streaming from streamlink to VLC
with conversion to HLS for use by the IPTV recorder, but I guess I could do
something in the black-box way.  What I currently like about the IPTV
recorder is that I'm building an M3U file, so upon configuration in
mythtv-setup, I can specify that for the IPTV card and later do a channel
scan to easily import chan-num, chan-name and chan-xmltvid into the
set-up.  I quite like that functionality and ease of set-up, but as I have
all the required information to build the M3U file, I guess I could just
directly populate the DB channel table with it instead...

Thanks in advance for any advice on all this!

Cheers, Ian
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