[mythtv-users] Any UK HDHR users here?

E James e_james at dsl.pipex.com
Wed Apr 11 16:10:10 UTC 2018

On 11/04/18 12:53, Justin Hornsby wrote:
> Ah well.
> I did say I only had one PCIe slot.. and it's occupied by something from nvidia :)
> £140ish for a quad tuner DVB-T2 card isn't too bad but I'd have to replace the mainboard (and probably the CPU) to be able to use it.
> Are there good open source drivers for it?  I'm not overly concerned but I prefer drivers for stuff to be in kernel.  I started out having to patch & build my own kernel & I'd love to think those days are behind me.
> I'm guessing the lack of other replies here means there aren't any UK HDHR paying attention to this list.  If multirec works - great - if not, no big deal.
> Cheers!
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I'm a UK HDHR user.

I had to look up "multirec" to be sure of the meaning. I've only been doing it since 2013. I currently possess 5 HDHomerun Connect units. One is not in use because the psu failed. One is still in the box. 2 are used by DVBLink software installed on my NAS box. It definitely does not do multirec, and apparently never will, so the maximum is 4 channels. The fifth and oldest is used by my MythTV box which is a Shuttle nettop pc. In theory it can record 10 channels at the same time (5 per tuner) but the practical limit seems to be 5 or 6. For me the main appeal of the HDHR is the network connection. In the absence of more sophisticated software you can record 2 channels with a few simple terminal commands. No drivers required. Having tried a variety of set-top boxes with pvr capabilities, I was not surprised by the occasional glitch in the data stream, but replacing the dead unit with the latest model seems to have reduced the frequency of these glitches. There's something about my circumstances + MythTV + HDHR that makes recording from the BBC multiplex a bit iffy with regard to AV sync. The only commercial multiplex I can receive works fine. The DVBLink software seems to have no problem with the BBC multiplex but it's also working from a different antenna. Signal strength and quality are major factors. 

I will be happy to answer any further questions but my technical knowledge is limited.

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