[mythtv-users] channels.conf

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Sun Apr 1 19:19:35 UTC 2018

On 01/04/18 19:07, Klaus Becker wrote:
> Le dimanche 1 avril 2018, 18:14:32 CEST Stephen Worthington a écrit :
>> On Sun, 01 Apr 2018 17:30:24 +0200, you wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Which file does MythYV use as channels.conf ?
>>> I only want a limited number of channels and not hundreds I am not
>>> interested in.
>>> I know I can configure this inside mythtv-setup, but the easiest way is
>>> perhaps to edit the MythYV channels.conf file.
>>> Bye
>>> Klaus
>> It does not use a channels.conf file.  The channels are stored in the
>> database.  In mythtv-setup, you can go to Channel Editor and in there,
>> select any channel you do not want and use the Enter key to display
>> the options for the channel.  Find the Visible option, which will be
>> ticked, and use the space bar to toggle off the tick mark.  Then it
>> will no longer be visible in mythfrontend, but will remain in the
>> database so that it is there if you need it later.  If you delete
>> channels (using the D key), when you scan for new channels, the
>> deleted ones will come back again and you will have to delete them
>> again, so it is much better to just mark them as not visible.
> I found it, but will take long time to make invisible hundreds of channels.
> It's not userfriendly.
> Klaus

I was rather worried by your off-list reply that said you would try the 
'Bouquet' script.  I hope you have successfully tested restoring your 
database before you launch.

In mythtv-setup ( I use mythtv-setup.real to avoid auto-run and similar 
features) there is usually an 'accept all/ignore all/edit manually' 
option at the end of a scan.  If you have a 'hide all' option you might 
later be able to make Visible the few channels that you want.


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