[mythtv-users] ACPI Wakeup alarm for mythfilldatabase

Peter Bennett cats22 at comcast.net
Sat Sep 23 16:02:44 UTC 2017

On 09/23/2017 11:37 AM, R Kannan wrote:
> All,
> Apparently there was an update to my mythtv install (mythbuntu 14.04) 
> that is initiating a ACPI (https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ACPI_Wakeup) 
> wake up alarm for running 'mythfildatabase' at the next suggested time.
> Is there a way to disable this? I could not find anything in the BE 
> setup to do this.
> Thanks
Did you try mythtv-setup -> 1.General ->last page (Program Schedule 
Downloading Options) - Uncheck "Automatically update program listings" ?
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