[mythtv-users] Upgraded to 29, mythmetadata lookup failing...

Marlon Buchanan mlb.linux at gmail.com
Sat Sep 16 15:11:58 UTC 2017

> What is the output of the following commands (if your distro has ttvdb.py
> and tmdb3.py in a different location you may need to search for them and
> correct the path as appropriate). Make sure to run as the same user in same
> environment as is running the backend.
> /usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py -v
> /usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb3.py -v
> /usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb3.py -t
> I was getting the same error. In my case on a clean install (but heavily
> customised inside a docker container) I found that I was missing group
> execute permissions on ttvdb.py and tmdb3.py. I also had no ~/.mythtv/cache
> directory and ttvdb.py failed until I manually created the cache directory
> with appropriate permissions. I also used pip to install requests_cache
> "pip
> install requests-cache".
> $/usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py -v
> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/local/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py", line 1074,
> in
> <module>
>     os.mkdir(cache_dir)
> OSError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory:
> '/home/mythtv/.mythtv/cache/tvdb_api/'
> I have a .mythtv/cache file with proper permissions. All apropriate python
modules are installed. ttvdb.py, tmdb3.py and mythmetadatalookup all work
fine commandline using the same user as runs them as mythbackend. The only
place that fails to run them is withing mythtbackend mythmetadatalookup
jobs. I now run mythmetadatalookup in a cron job and that works fine, but
is not ideal.

 08:05:06 marlon:~$ sudo -u mythtv
/usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb3.py -v
<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?>
  <name>TheMovieDB.org V3</name>
  <author>Raymond Wagner</author>
  <description>Search and metadata downloads for themoviedb.org
08:05:10 marlon:~$ sudo -u mythtv /usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Movie/tmdb3.py
Everything appears in order.
08:05:13 marlon:~$ sudo -u mythtv
/usr/share/mythtv/metadata/Television/ttvdb.py -v
  <description>Search and metadata downloads for thetvdb.com</description>

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