[mythtv-users] Using TV remote to control MythTV frontend on Raspberry Pi

Jeff jffry at posteo.net
Sat Sep 16 06:15:28 UTC 2017

On 12/09/17 23:17, Jeff wrote:
> When my (Samsung) TV starts, it sees the RPi connected via HDMI and
> defaults to the basic HDMI input. I have to use the source button on the
> remote to switch to the HDMI-CEC input so that the remote buttons are
> passed to MythTV.
> Therefore, it would be useful for MythTV to tell the TV to switch to
> that input automatically. This seems to be possible from cec-client, so
> I could probably add it to my frontend launch script, but if MythTV
> could handle it, it would be more convenient.

It seems I was not being patient enough. Either Myth is saying to the TV
something like "make me the input", or the TV is doing it automatically
after the frontend is fully up, but the input changes between boot and
frontend start.



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