[mythtv-users] Plex

Michael Robinson mike at robinsonhome.org
Wed Oct 25 21:50:57 UTC 2017

> I've been following this thread as I recently purchased a TCL Roku TV
> and would prefer to be able to play recordings from the TV rather than
> having to buy additional equipment.
> Is Plex the best route to go?

I can't say if it's the *best* way to go, but it has worked out for my
family.  You will need to run a post-process script to create links to
the recordings in the correct directory structure and naming
convention for Plex.  This will enable Plex to automatically grab all
of the meta data.  You can then view the Myth recordings through any
Plex interface.  You can find an example post-process script here:


Some of the caveats are:

- You cannot schedule recordings from Plex.  I mainly use MythTV's web

- If you try watching a recording in progress, Plex sees the file size
at the time playback starts.  Therefore, you will need to restart it
to watch the entire recording.  I don't watch recordings in progress.

- If your recordings are in MPEG2 format, Plex may need to transcode
the video on-the-fly, depending on the capabilities of the client.
So, make sure your PC has sufficient horsepower.  I have MythTV
transcode recordings to h264 as a post-process to avoid having Plex
transcode on-the-fly.

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