[mythtv-users] rPi3 3.5mm audio out - HDMI

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sat Oct 21 14:46:16 UTC 2017

Peter and Rajil:

>> I also had very low volume. The fix was in software. No external
>> amplifier needed.
>> Put  file .asoundrc in your home directory. I pasted it here
>> https://pastebin.com/9viBwNMp
>> Select ALSA:default as your sound device (you may have to key it in if
>> it is not in the list)
>> Add these to your .profile or somewhere it will run before you start
>> the frontend:
>> amixer set PCM Playback 100%
>> amixer set Pre-Amp Playback  9
>> You can adjust the values as needed. You can also run alsamixer to see
>> and adjust the pre-amplification.
>> I suppose I should add this to the wiki.
>> Peter
> What do you suggest to put in the Mixer device and Mixer controls?

I think the two 'amixer' commands go at the end of the ".profile" -- I 
missed that filename the first times I read through.  Also note it 
begins with a 'dot'.

And can I tag onto this thread (or should I start a new one?)  I am also 
playing with a RPi3 and have low volume problems but with the HDMI 
output.  (Haven't tried the 3.5mm output.)  The volume does adjust using 
the [ and ] keys but maximum is barely audible through my monitor's 
speakers.  I did not notice a change after adding to .asoundrc and 
adding the two commands to .profile (and rebooting).  Also tried max_dB 
30.0 -- no change.  Different commands for the HDMI volume or did I do 
something wrong?

(Decided to add HDMI to Rajil's post to sort of link the threads.)



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