[mythtv-users] Guide says it's recording same shows on two channels when it's not

Ian Evans dheianevans at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 03:17:55 UTC 2017

On Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 10:10 PM, Peter Bennett <cats22 at comcast.net> wrote:
> On 10/18/2017 08:58 PM, Ian Evans wrote:
>> Just wanted to alert you to a scheduling behaviour I've only seen after
moving from .27 to 29.
>> Being in a Canadian city near a U.S. one, the same show will often being
airing on both a Canadian channel and a U.S. one. Sometimes, if it's a show
that's "important", I might record it on both if the weather is acting up.
That always required an override recording.
>> But I noticed this starting in 29: If I choose, say, Survivor on CBS,
the "A" shows up in the guide on both CBS and the Canadian channel, Global.
Today, I started watching the CBS recording and noticed some breaking up,
maybe due to some weather on the lake between Toronto and Buffalo. I
figured I better start recording the rest of the show on Global. When I
selected it in the Guide, it offered me the choice of stopping the
recording or watching the channel even though it wasn't recording that
channel. So I had to go into Live TV, go to Global and hit record. Now it
was recording the same show on both channels.
>> 99% sure I didn't see this happening in .27.
> I am not sure exactly what the problem is or what you expect. One
improvement in v29 was to add the "Watch this channel" option if you press
enter in the Guide. Previously you had to press M or Menu  to see that

I'll try to clarify. Again same show appearing on a US channel and a
Canadian one.

In .27, as far as I recall (and the reason I'm recalling is because the 29
behaviour stuck out to meas new) if I chose to record, say, Survivor on
CBS, the recording letter that shows up in the Guide, e.g. "A", would show
up in the channel it was being recorded on and only on the channel it was
being recorded on. In 29, the A will show up on Survivor on CBS and
Survivor on Global which airs at the same time even though it's only
recording Survivor on CBS.

In the past, if the weather in Buffalo was crappy and I decided while
watching I needed to record the rest of the show on other channel as a
backup, hitting M would allow me to record it. I didn't see that today
(only had Watch this Channel and  Stop Recording even though I was not
recording it on that channel) and had to Watch the Channel and then hit

Here's another scenario: As an entertainment journalist I record stuff like
the Oscars on both US and Canadian channels to make sure I have a good copy
to watch closely. Could do that in 27. Just now tried a similar scenario.
Looked for a show tomorrow morning that's on US & Cdn networks. "Live with
Kelly and Ryan" on CTV and ABC at 9am. Hit record on the ABC listing. The S
for single record appears on both the ABC and CTV listings. If I go to the
CTV listing and select it, I don't get an option to record this showing,
just to edit the recording rule and delete the recording rule. So there's
no way to record it on both channels from the frontend guide.

Here's a fun twist though. Just discovered that if I go into mythweb, I can
select "Record only this showing." for both channels and they both show up
in Upcoming Recordings. So I can do it in Mythweb but not from the frontend.
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