[mythtv-users] Livetv stutter

Peter Bennett cats22 at comcast.net
Thu Oct 19 02:44:14 UTC 2017

On 10/18/2017 10:38 PM, David Birch wrote:
> Ok, so mucking with the secs_min value in ringbuffer.cpp does have 
> some of the desired effect. I found a setting around 1.4 is a bare 
> minimum to fill about 1% of the buffer and play all the hd channels i 
> have without issue, FWIW most seem to be saying they're between 
> 3-8mbps. The side effect is noticable lag to start, and a much more 
> noticable lag during channel change. If i push the value up above 2s 
> then channel change seems to break - video never actaully displays but 
> audio plays after a few secs. This test was on the i5 nuc i have, will 
> test celeron based one soon.
> Thanks

If you can post a patch on the ticket it will be helpful. I can test it, 
validate it and commit it if it looks good, or use it as a help in 
finding the correct solution. Also please feel free to post comments, 
suggestions and further details in the ticket.



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