[mythtv-users] Guide says it's recording same shows on two channels when it's not

Ian Evans dheianevans at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 00:58:01 UTC 2017

Just wanted to alert you to a scheduling behaviour I've only seen after
moving from .27 to 29.

Being in a Canadian city near a U.S. one, the same show will often being
airing on both a Canadian channel and a U.S. one. Sometimes, if it's a show
that's "important", I might record it on both if the weather is acting up.
That always required an override recording.

But I noticed this starting in 29: If I choose, say, Survivor on CBS, the
"A" shows up in the guide on both CBS and the Canadian channel, Global.
Today, I started watching the CBS recording and noticed some breaking up,
maybe due to some weather on the lake between Toronto and Buffalo. I
figured I better start recording the rest of the show on Global. When I
selected it in the Guide, it offered me the choice of stopping the
recording or watching the channel even though it wasn't recording that
channel. So I had to go into Live TV, go to Global and hit record. Now it
was recording the same show on both channels.

99% sure I didn't see this happening in .27.
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