[mythtv-users] OT: Moved aerial & lost one mux (UK Freeview)

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Tue Oct 17 20:12:14 UTC 2017

On 17/10/17 16:42, Andre Newman MythTV wrote:
>> As to the original problem, if the aerial works from downstairs
>> without the cable, and the cable is a temporary one that is loose, I
>> would suggest trying the aerial downstairs with the same cable in
>> place, to see if the cable is the problem.
> If you have the same problem with the longer cable and the antenna downstairs.
> It could be the cable is losing too much signal, is it a proper cable, just not properly installed (yet) or is it a dodgy cheapo extension cable?
> If it’s a decent cable you can try shortening the cable slightly, a couple of inches will do, sometimes it’s possible to have a resonant length which will cancel a specific mux, of course you might then cancel a different mux! At least then you would know the cause…
> Andre

I think you'll only get cable resonances like that if there's a bad 
impedance match at each end - which would be the thing to address.  The 
cable is supposed to be guiding a travelling wave, not supporting 
standing ones.

But I'm not in touch with current TV installation practice.  You said 
you have F-connectors.  Are they part of an installed and largely hidden 
satellite-TV cable tree?  I don't know what secrets that might have.


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