[mythtv-users] bear of little brain (Greg Oliver)

James Linder jam at tigger.ws
Sun May 28 05:04:10 UTC 2017

On 27/5/17 8:00 pm, mythtv-users-request at mythtv.org wrote:
>> could a kind sole explain to me please:
>> I have an indian film with english subtitles embedded in a mkv container.
>> Neither my samsung tv or myth or myth pnp will play the subtitles.
>> VLC*does*  play them.
>> I have a film in an avi container  with embedded subtitles. Myth and upnp
>> as well as the samsung*do*  play the subtitles.
>> mythtranscode chokes. but ffmpeg (the ubuntu 14.04 sorry about that
>> (avconv) version) works without complaint when transcoding from mkv to avi
>> container.
>> The new avi file does not work.
>> I am overwhelmed, but what I'm trying to do is play myth with subtitles
>> Thanks
>> James
>> <SNIP - too big for list>
> All of my Videos are in mkv containers.  You definitely need the
> mkv*toolnix apps to manipulate them easily.  For forced subs which I am
> sure you are referring to probably::
> mkvmerge --identify <file>
> File '<video>': container: Matroska
> Track ID 0: video (MPEG-4p10/AVC/h.264)
> Track ID 1: audio (DTS-HD Master Audio)
> Track ID 2: audio (DTS)
> Track ID 3: audio (AC-3/E-AC-3)
> Track ID 4: subtitles (HDMV PGS)
> Track ID 5: subtitles (HDMV PGS)
> Track ID 6: subtitles (HDMV PGS)
> mkvpropedit <video> --edit track:s1 --set flag-default=0 \
>    --edit track:s2 --set flag-forced=1 --edit track:s2 --set flag-default=1
> s1 is the 1st subtitle track (Track ID 4 from above).  This says make s2
> track default and forced and removes default from the s1 sub track.
Greg thanks. If you explain I promise to learn and not bug the list 
more. What is s1?

[sandypit] /home/jam [997]% mkvmerge --identify /store/Movies/Myth/Lion\ 
2016\ 1080p\ WEB-DL\ x264\ AC3-JYK.mkv
File '/store/Movies/Myth/Lion 2016 1080p WEB-DL x264 AC3-JYK.mkv': 
container: Matroska
Track ID 0: video (MPEG-4p10/AVC/h.264)
Track ID 1: audio (AC-3/E-AC-3)
Track ID 2: subtitles (SubRip/SRT)
Chapters: 11 entries


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