[mythtv-users] Wish My MythTv server Happy birthday!

David Krainess davidkrainess at yahoo.com
Sat May 27 11:36:14 UTC 2017

>> It's been a good run:

>> Number of shows: 772>> Number of episodes: 26350>> First recording: Saturday March 19th, 2005>> Last recording: Friday May 26th, 2017>> Total Running Time: 12 years 2 months 7 days 2 hrs 46 mins>> Total Recorded: 3 years 3 months 21 days 15 hrs 12 mins>> Percent of time spent recording: 27% 
>> I actually started using MythTV in early February, but I did a complete re-install once I figured everything out. Anyway, it is being shut down permanently, I've got 3 Roku's running with >> Netflix, Plex, Youtube and NHL TV, and there is no looking back, MythTV has outlived it's usefulness in our household, so it's time to retire it. Much appreciation to the devs over the years >> who have made the experience as great as it has in the last 12 years,, and thanks to the community for helping me out when I had problems.
>> Farewell, and hopefully our paths will cross again!
>> Tomh
Curious, right at 12 years on MythTV.  I remember I Initially put it up to record kid shows (Teletubbies, Seseme Street), but it changed how our whole family watched TV.  Now I'm teaching my kids how to drive, and I haven't found any compelling reason to leave MythTV. Mainly because you get HD OTA with commercial skip, which is lacking in every other solution.  Plus, it's a computer that can do most everything else (and much, much more) that the plethora of media devices out there provide.  
Sad to see the user base dwindling for this great product, why did you switch?

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