[mythtv-users] using mythtv while traveling

Jim Abernathy jfabernathy at outlook.com
Tue May 23 11:17:29 UTC 2017

We travel at lot in an RV camper and it has good OTA and Cable TV 
depending on the Campground. Some have no cable and we use OTA or 
DirecTV Satellite. Since you can't get the Local network stations via 
satellite outside your home location due to beaming I have to locate the 
network channels OTA or via Cable if the park has cable.

The problem is that the cables systems vary from campground to 
campground.  All are unencrypted QAM so a TV or HDHomeRun Connect set to 
"cable" can find the stations.

I'd like to setup a camper version of a Mythtv backend and frontend but 
I want to understand the best way to change the cable or OTA channel 
setting from week to week as I move around.

I've only set up a system at home where the HDHomerun Connect and Mythtv 
find one set up channels via OTA.

I use ScheduleDirect for my scheduling at home.  Not sure but I'm hoping 
I could change ScheduleDirect settings to other zipcodes to receive OTA 
in other locations.  Not sure about Cable systems that maybe privately 
setup just for the campground.

Any ideas on a easier setup?

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