[mythtv-users] mythconverg database server migration

Erik Karlin e_karlin at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 29 15:09:09 UTC 2017

I'm attempting to use the mythconverg_backup.pl / mythconverg_restore.pl
scripts to move my database from one very old slow server to another
old, but not as slow server. After a backup, my restore has been running
for about 6 days now, with the following output from show processlist:

| Id | User   | Host                    | db          | Command | Time | State  | Info
| 17 | mythtv |            myhost:37979 | mythconverg | Query   | 270851 | update | INSERT INTO `recordedseek` VALUES (1017,'2016-01-09 06:56:00',420,8972010,9),(1017,'2016-01-09 06:56 |

Now, checking my mythweb statistics, I see:
Total Running Time: 13 years 16 days 22 hrs 26 mins

so I know there is an awful lot of data to restore, but is there
anything I can do. I did a clean install of mysql 5.6 on an updated
debian jessie...no tuning or config changes other than allowing LAN

This was an empty database. I ran:
mythconverg_restore.pl --hostname dbhost --create_database --verbose

A few questions...
1. will this ever end?
2. can I kill this and restart, potentially exclude the big tables?
3. is there any tuning to be done?

Again, this was a fresh install of mysql 5.6. From a quick search, there
were some suggestions to turn off
autocommit/unique_checks/foreign_key_checks and something about
tuning key_buffer_size.

I assume if I can kill the restore, I can drop and recreate the database
without any problems, but is there a faster way? What if I don't load
the recordedseek table at all? I'd certainly prefer to not have to
interfere in a database load, but I need this to finish in some
definition of reasonable amount of time.

Any thoughts? The restore is still running if that matters.

Thanks in advance for any input

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