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Wed Feb 15 17:39:16 UTC 2017

Am 15.02.2017 um 04:30 schrieb Stephen Worthington:
> On Tue, 14 Feb 2017 19:40:01 +0100, you wrote:
>> Hello,
>> since last week, I have some trouble with MythTV, because some
>> recordings were not recorded. There is enough HDD Space (approx. 20%)
>> free. After System Restart, I've tried to watch TV, but it is not
>> possible. I got the Message that there is a channel lock (ger.: "Sie
>> sollten inzwischen einen Senderlock erhalten haben. Sie können weiterhin
>> auf ein Signal warten, oder mit Up oder Down den Sender, mit Y die
>> Videoquelle, mit C den Eingang usw. wechseln.".
>> The TV channels are free, the Tuners are all available and the record
>> shedule is empty. Any ideas why TV does not work?
>> Cheers, D.
> Some DVB-T channels here in New Zealand have a much longer tuning time
> than others.  When I upgraded to 0.28, I had to adjust all my DVB-T
> tuners to use 10000 for the capturecard.channel_timeout field in order
> to get our TV3 channel to tune properly.  The default is only 3000.
> There seems to have been a change between 0.27 and 0.28 that makes the
> right setting for channel_timeout much more important.  Previously, it
> would tune TV3 OK, but it seems to have done that by timing out and
> re-trying.  Now, if it times out, it seems it will fail to tune.  To
> adjust the channel_timeout settings, run mythtv-setup and select
> "Capture cards".  For each of the DVB-T(2) cards, on the first screen,
> change the "Tuning timeout (ms)" setting.
> If that is not your problem, then it would be best to add the "-v
> record" option to mythbackend and then post the resulting logs to show
> what is happening.  In Mythbuntu 16.04, you can add arguments to the
> mythbackend command line by creating a file:
>    /etc/mythtv/additional.args
> In that file, put a line like:
>    ADDITIONAL_ARGS=-v record
> The additional.args file should be group and user mythtv:
>    sudo chown mythtv:mythtv /etc/mythtv/additional.args
> To restart mythbackend, wait until MythTV is not busy then do:
>    sudo systemctl restart mythtv-backend
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Thank you for your reply. What was surprising to me yesterday was the 
fact that after one or two hours, TV was suddenly possible. My check 
today after Re-Booting System was fine. Live TV is working now.
I am now thinking about the cause of the failure yesterday. My suspicion 
is the cable between SAT Multiswitch and HomeTheater. Hmmm.....

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