[mythtv-users] Single Channel Failure with InfiniTV 6 ETH

Gary Buhrmaster gary.buhrmaster at gmail.com
Mon Feb 13 20:30:13 UTC 2017

On Feb 13, 2017 12:18 PM, "Craig Huff" <huffcslists at gmail.com> wrote:

P.P.S While waiting for any feedback, I was probing on the web interface
for the InfiniTV and found that another channel that works had a Copy
Protection setting of 00 "Copy Free", but the problem child is reporting
0x02 "One Copy". I'm guessing that's the problem.  Since this channel is
Movieplex, I could see that this may be intentional, but none of the other
(non-premium, since I don't get any of those) movie channels appear to be
set this way.  Should I (politely) inquire of Comcast if this is an
oversight which they might kindly correct.

Comcast has explicitly chosen (at least in most markets) to require a
protected content path for Movieplex.  Open source solutions do not work.
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