[mythtv-users] SchedulesDirect changes - new record rules not working

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Sat Dec 30 19:44:22 UTC 2017

 ---- On Sat, 30 Dec 2017 13:46:22 +0000 lists <lists at timeforabrew.com> wrote ---- 
 > Do you see the new rule listed in the myth web page that shows you all your rules? I'm away from my system but it's called something like 'schedules' and is the third or so option on the header 
 >  ---- On Thu, 28 Dec 2017 12:42:49 +0000  veehexx at zoho.com  wrote ----
 > SD have changed their lineup for our channels so i've had to re-configure things. 
 > about 2 years ago i moved from Atlas to SD and i dont seem to have any notes on how i implemented the SD lineup. 
 > based off my browser bookmarks it looks like i used https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Migrating_to_Schedules_Direct_in_the_UK#Update_MythTV as a base so i use it this time too. 
 > first up, i removed the existing .cache and .conf files and started fresh with: 
 > tv_grab_sd_json --configure 
 > set it up for freesat (DVB-S2), mythtv 5digit channelID, and channel mode (vs lineup). The .conf file looks good. 
 > do the same with freeview (DVB-T2) and it appears to add it to the same .conf file. 
 > the wiki test step works fine (tv_grab_sd_json --config-file FILENAME.conf  --output /tmp/xmltv.xml) 
 > i then use symlinks from the .mythtv/tuner_source.xmltv file, to .xmltv/whatever.conf no changes there from old & new SD config so i proceed to run mythfilldatabase. 
 > all seems good and guide data is being completed for my current channels in mythweb. 
 > existing recording rules are now filling up to the 2 week guide data period so that seems fine. 
 > however if i try to create a new recording rule for a new show, mythweb seems to accept it but it doesn't actually show any queued shows in the 'upcoming recordings' tab, and no highlighting in the guide page either. 
 > i'm running v29 

i think i got myself confused.
when you add a new lineup, it seems to get sent off to SchedulesDirect and linked to your account. so when you run through the tv_grab_sd_json (or as it's now called tv_grab_zz_sdjson) it will all lineups, but doesnt mean it's actually going to be used in your config.

since posting this, i've wiped my backend OS as it went EOL (fedora with high-release cycles probably isnt the best for a home server) and now on centos7. Keeping the same sql db, everything seems to be working well again now after rebuilding the OS&packages.
I think it was down to some initial confusion on my behalf with how the tv_grab script with how i was configuring and how it handles multiple lineups.

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