[mythtv-users] XMLTV updated - tv_grab_sd_json renamed

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Sat Dec 30 09:34:57 UTC 2017

 ---- On Sat, 30 Dec 2017 09:06:37 +0000 Ian Campbell <ijc at hellion.org.uk> wrote ---- 
 > On Sat, 2017-12-30 at 08:14 +0000, Tim Draper wrote: 
 > > not sure if this is best in a bug ticket, but are the devs aware that 
 > > xmltv 0.5.70 (current latest) has changed the tv_grab_sd_json 
 > > filename? it's now  tv_grab_xx_json. 
 > ITYM tv_grab_zz_sdjson, at least that is what I have. 
 > > just configured my BE with the latest xmltv package and when running 
 > > mythfilldatabase, it's now erroring with the following: 
 > >  
 > > E  tv_grab_sd_json  --capabilities failed or we timed out waiting. 
 > > You may need to upgrade your xmltv grabber 
 > > E  Grabbing XMLTV data using tv_grab_sd_json is not supported. You 
 > > may need to upgrade to the latest version of XMLTV. 
 > >  
 > > i'll revert back to 0.5.69 (which release notes also states the 
 > > filename change) 
 > Can't you just switch your config to use tv_grab_zz_sdjson instead? 
 > That's what I did (ages ago, since the name started to be used a few 
 > releases back, it's just the compat link to the old name is now 
 > removed) and it works for me. 0.5.69 should have the compat link. 
 > I might be wrong but I don't see any references to any specific 
 > tv_grab_* in the mythtv source, so I don't think there would be 
 > anything to update on the myth side. 
 > Ian. 
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ok, seems you've found a problem with my config. mythtv-setup seems to run 'tv_find_grabbers' to fill the list of the 'tv_grab...' scripts. if their not discoverable in $PATH, then mythtv wont find it.
i figured it was todo with the updated name.

got that issue sorted now and mythtv-setup is now showing the xmltv entries.

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