[mythtv-users] Setting up a Logitech Harmony Smart Control remote with mythtv

Tim Draper veehexx at zoho.com
Mon Dec 18 16:17:04 UTC 2017

 ---- On Mon, 18 Dec 2017 12:15:45 +0000 Jim Abernathy <jfabernathy at outlook.com> wrote ---- 
 > On 12/17/2017 02:52 PM, Tim Draper wrote: 
 > > i've been running the smart control for a few years and it's been reasonably good. biggest issue was IR was a touch intermittent with it turned the NUC on - sometimes it wouldnt. 
 > > 
 > > I moved over to BT a month ago and has overall been a better experience. Far more reliable, but it IS different than IR in how it works with the nuc. 
 > > first up, bluetooth will only wake the machine up if it's in S3 (and probably S4, but i dont use that). IR would wake the nuc up from power-off state. 
 > > 
 > > because of that, you'll need to run a script to set USB devices to allow wakeup. 
 > > also, for all my current/historic kit, you'll ned to redetect your outputs. Turns out my issues are from an Onkyo AVR of a certain era where it wont reliably allow the pc to detect monitor/edid, so the PC either needs a restart, or xrandr script to force redetection (which i've never got it 100%). 
 > > 
 > > aside from the S3 resume issues that seem to be my kit than anything else bluetooth has been an equivelent functionality experience to IR, if a bit easier as i didnt need to mess around with lirc configs. 
 > > It definately feels more responsive, and it has been more reliable and i'd definately recommend it over IR. 
 > > 
 > I used to have a lot of problems with resume from sleep.  I've fixed  
 > those by never letting anything but my iMac and Windows 10 machine  
 > sleep.  All my media BE and FE hardware runs 24/7.  That seems to work  
 > best for me. My FE's are NUCs also so they don't use a lot of power. 
 > JIm A 
i did try that, i have a feeling the NUC did something to re-poll EDID so sometimes when the tv & onkyo woke up, they'd be no display. one of those rare things that sometimes it'd be ok, sometimes fail. seemed to be something that'd happen after about 24hours so a PITA to reproduce.
I did find that one of my PC's in the house was sending WOL every time windows started up/shutdown so it's quite possible some of my sleep issues have been the FE being woken up without the Onkyo being on. PC has been replaced so hopefully I'll be able to get my NUC sorted now, be it S3 or always on.

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