[mythtv-users] HDFury - WAS: Trouble getting hdpvr 1212 to record through mythtv:SOLVED

Greg Oliver oliver.greg at gmail.com
Sun Dec 17 00:32:44 UTC 2017

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 1:51 AM, Marius Schrecker <marius.schrecker at lyse.net
> wrote:

> On Thursday, December 14, 2017 21:34 CET, Greg Oliver <
> oliver.greg at gmail.com> wrote:
> I noticed you have it connected to a HD Fury - I have been contemplating
> getting one of those because I have a unit that due to it's location, the
> component cables come out of the receiver if they are breathed on the wrong
> way.  Does it work well between your receiver and HDPVR?  Any noticeable
> artifacts or anything?  I have DirecTV receivers which in HDMI will not
> play 1080p content without a HDCP capable HDMI endpoint.  From the name in
> your database I can see it is probably not DirecTV, but it might be the
> same for your device?
> Hi Greg,
> Yes. I use a HDFury2 <https://www.hdfury.eu/en/home/1-hdfury-2.html>.
> This has been the only component in the chain that has never given me a
> moment's bother in the over 10 years I have had it, during which time it
> has been powered on constantly.
> I took a look at the HDFury website for gthe first time in ages today and
> was surprised to see that the "old" models, with HDCP decyphering are still
> available. HDFury has sent me a number of mails opver the years, warning of
> products being removed due to legislation, but this seems not to be the
> case.
>  I can heartily recommend the Fury2!
> All I can say about picture quality is that the quality of played-back
> Mythtv recordings has been  at least as good, if not better than the
> original 720p image, played directly over hdmi from the decoder.  The only
> caveat with the Fury2 is that it doesn't support/split  5.1 audio from the
> hdmi signal, but that doesn't matter to me as I source the audio over
> toslink direct from the decoder. I notice no sync issues when sourcing the
> audio and video signals independently.
> My chain is as follows.
> Video:
> Motorola  VIP 1853 IP STB ("Altibox") providing 720p, PAL -> Cheap HDMI
> splitter (unknown brand). This occasionally locks-up and needs to be
> power-cycled. -> HDFury2 -> PVR1212 component in -> Mythtv I was using a
> combined backend/frontend with Nvidia gforce gt-610 VDPAU output, but am
> now splitting BE/FE and will try Intel HD 500 vaapi from the frontend.
> Audio:
> Motorola  VIP 1853 IP STB ("Altibox")  -> Dolby 5.1 over Toslink direct to
> PVR1212 spdif with AC23 capture.
> The recording chain was tested yesterday evening and works fine now.  As
> my frontend isn't set up yet I can't comment on frontend playback, but
> mythweb asx playback is working to another machine in my network.
> BR.
> --Marius--
> Thanks for the write-up Marius.  I'm going to try one out.  This will also
allow me to send back (3) H25 receivers and use the little Genie remote
receivers - saving me $15/mo on the bill :)
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