[mythtv-users] Setting up a Logitech Harmony Smart Control remote with mythtv

David Engel david at istwok.net
Wed Dec 13 23:33:19 UTC 2017

On Wed, Dec 13, 2017 at 11:01:42PM +0000, Jim Abernathy wrote:
> I have 2 Harmony Smart control remotes and I love them.  For controlling standard stuff it works great.  I even have one mythtv frontend controlled by it.  That system has a Microsoft MCE 1039 IR remote and I added the Mythtv FE as a Microsoft Media PC.  That remote works on Live TV, FireTV, and Mythtv.
> So now to the problem.  My newest FE uses an old Vista MCE remote model VRC-1100.  Using the wiki on mythtv on the VRC-1100, I got my FE working fine with the Microsoft Vista remote.  Now I want the Harmony Smart Control remote to work with it.  But not sure where to start.  I thought I’d check with the experts here before digging much further. 

Chuck your IR remote and receiver and go get a ~$15 (or less) USB
Bluetooth dongle.  Then configure your Harmony Hub to use BT instead
of IR.  You'll get a *much* more reliable and faster remote.

David Engel
david at istwok.net

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