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On Dec 10, 2017, at 3:52 PM, Donald Oakes <donald at oakesville.io<mailto:donald at oakesville.io>> wrote:

On 12/10/2017 1:08 PM, Jim Abernathy wrote:
So what do I need to do to make my Roku and FireTV play my recordings.  Are there app to play the recordings if I convert them to H.264?  I don’t want to brick the FireTV stick or the Roku Ultra or do anything illegal, but integrating streams and Mythtv would be great.

Jim A

Consider the open-source Mythling app for FireTV:

Mythling can stream mpeg2 or h.264 recordings/videos.

 - Don

So I had some time to play with this on my FIreTV. I used the link on Amazon that you included and with one click was able to send it to my FIreTV stick.   So the first time I turned on the TV with the FIreTV Mythling was there.  When I use it to play MPEG2 TV recorded from a HDHomeRun Connect tuner, the video skips over high motion portions.  I added a job script to do mpeg2 to h.264 transcode (https://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Transcode_Mpeg2_to_H264)  and those files play as expected.

So it looks like if you want HD TV recordings to play normally on a FireTV you need to transcode them to h.264.

Jim A

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