[mythtv-users] One file won't scan into Video library

Robin Gilks g8ecj at gilks.org
Sun Dec 10 09:22:40 UTC 2017

> On 08/12/17 13:40, John Pilkington wrote:
>> On 08/12/17 12:16, Robin Gilks wrote:
>>> Weird one this...
>>> Is there a log setting which will tell me why a file that mplayer & VLC
>>> are both quite happy with doesn't appear when I drop it into the video
>>> storage group and scan.
>>> Other files are fine - or at least have been up to now and I haven't
>>> change the software.
>>> Is there a command line utility that creates the same hash as the Video
>>> library code and if so how would I search the database for a duplicate?
>>> This is a file I created from an mp3 file using ffmpeg and a single
>>> jpeg
>>> frame. This because the video player can seek and I can set a bookmark
>>> which I can't do in the Music player and I find to be necessary for a 2
>>> hour file that I doubt I'll have time to listen to in one go!
>>> Is the signature of the file coming out the same as one of the 11 files
>>> already loaded and created with the same jpeg (but different mp3's) ?
>> There was a similar thread in August.  The hashing process doesn't scan
>> the entire file and it looks as if you're getting a duplicate.
> This is a bug. Whenever a hash is used there is the possibility of
> duplicates and therefore the need for double-checking that the files are
> indeed identical or at least for a mechanism to avoid the duplicate
> hashes.
> For example, I don know whether doing something simple to one of the
> files (like adding some zeroes to the end) would resolve the problem
> without invalidating the file.

I compressed the jpeg I use as the picture placeholder a bit to change its
contents, re-created the AVI file from the MP3 file and it now scans OK so
there is a duplicate bug in the video scanning code (needs more entropy or

Robin Gilks

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