[mythtv-users] Ceton InfiniTV PCIe Driver Compilation Error

Douglas Sargent dbsargent at gmail.com
Tue Dec 5 00:14:53 UTC 2017

sorry for jumping in what is FC27?

On Sat, Dec 2, 2017 at 6:24 PM, Scott Knight <scott at scottknight.com> wrote:

> On 12/2/2017 9:01 PM, Stephen Worthington wrote:
>> The obvious thing to try first with this problem is simply to comment
>> out those two lines assigning to the last_rx field.  If that works and
>> the driver still works, then that was all that was needed.  But if the
>> change in the net_device structure has other implications, there may
>> be something else that needs to be done.
>> Fairly frequently there are fields in structure definitions that are
>> used for some purpose by other software and need to be set up by
>> everyone using it, but are not used by most software except in special
>> cases.  And then later a change takes the field away again as however
>> that field worked, it is no longer needed by the software that was
>> using it, and any other software not actually using it can simply no
>> longer initialise it to a valid value.  Since there appear to be no
>> other references to last_rx in the driver except for initialising it,
>> it is a reasonable bet that it is simply no longer needed.
> I am going to trust the devs that came up with what is essentially that;
> an if statement that comments those lines out for kernels 4.11 and above.
> I am nowhere near confident enough in my C skills to try something like
> that on my own.  It does appear to be working now.
> Thank you, Scott
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