[mythtv-users] Frontend hardware

Matt Goebel matt at goebelnet.com
Fri Dec 1 17:54:33 UTC 2017

>- It is not possible to change the input source in Kodi. The
>functionality is simply not there. I have a couple of tuners, and by
>changing the input source in mythfrontend it is possible to check which
>tuner is malfunctioning.
>- There is no equivalent of mythzoneminder in Kodi.

Changing tuners is a non-issue.  You don't need that functionality for general use, and the troubleshooting use case you just use mythfrontend as you did before.  You already have at least one linux system that can run it as you have a backend.  I just use my laptop, which is also useful for a few other management tasks.

I'm never used zoneminder but there is certainly a kodi addon for it, as there is also an android app.  There are probably some decent alternatives to zoneminder too.  Between all those I'm sure there is a solution.

There are always going to be some minor issues, but these days you gain way more than you lose.

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