[mythtv-users] pixalated live tv images

Kevin Johnson iitywygms at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 23:35:56 UTC 2016

On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 2:01 PM, Kevin Johnson <iitywygms at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 31, 2016 at 9:14 AM, Peter Bennett <cats22 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> On 10/31/2016 11:07 AM, Kevin Johnson wrote:
>> So I guess what is happening is that the underlying “theme layout” is
>> bleeding through to the live tv image.
>> I dont know how to exactly explain this. Hopefully what I am saying will
>> make sense to someone???
>> One other note. Using the normal option under playback instead of vdpau
>> also makes the distortion disappear.
>> Can I gather more information somehow that might further help figure out
>> what is going on?
>> Which page is "bleeding through"? Is it the On Screen Display, as when
>> you press the info key (I)? I did recently fix a couple of bugs where the
>> On Screen Display was not properly disappearing after being shown.
>> Have you installed the latest PPA 0.28 version? The one that comes with
>> ubuntu/mythbuntu has a number of problems.
>> It looks like you are using VDPAU playback profile. Can you also try
>> OpenGL playback profile.
>> Can you let me know which theme painter you are using.You could try QT
>> and OpenGL theme painters and see which is causing the problem.
>> NOTE you cannot use QT theme painter with OpenGL playback profile. Try
>> other combinations.
>> Let me know which combinations of playback profile and theme painter
>> cause the problem.
>> Peter
> Hi:
> Version is.
> MythTV Version : v0.28-76-g7f8f168
> MythTV Branch : fixes/0.28
> Network Protocol : 88
> Library API : 0.28.20160309-1
> QT Version : 5.5.1
> Do I need to update before I try other things?
> If not, I will try several combinations of playback profiles and qt/opengl
> tomorrow after I get back home.
> I do know that I tried slim, normal and high quality vdpau.  None made a
> difference.

Yes, it is mostly in the area that pops up on screen when you hit info.

Using OpenGl High Quality.  The distortion does not appear.  Using QT or
OpenGL Painter.
Using Vdpau slim, normal or high the distortion does appear using either QT
or OpenGL painter,

This only occurs on 720p resolution.

Here is a link to a pic showing the distortion.

Please let me know if I can offer more info.

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