[mythtv-users] Question about changing hostname in database

Yann Lehmann aristide at free-it.ch
Sun Oct 16 17:25:46 UTC 2016


I am in the process of upgrading/migrating my mythtv system from 0.27 to 
0.28 and new hardware, at least for the backend.

Actually, I have a combined backend/frontend with 'myth-backend' as 
hostname. There are some other frontends but no other backends in the setup.

After migration, the new backend (with the old name of 'myth-backend') 
will be on a dedicated machine in the basement and the old 
backend/frontend will continue to serve as the main frontend (no more 
backend function).

I would like to change its name to 'myth-frontend'.

In order to keep all the frontend-settings present in the 0.27 database 
for this machine (same hardware), I plan to use the 
mythconverg_restore.pl script with according options and parameters.

My guess is that the records in the 'settings'-table are for the 
frontend-function only. Or might changing the name as described brake 
something ?

Thanks for any advice and regards
Yann Lehmann

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