[mythtv-users] Raspberry Pi 3 frontend not quite getting there

mythtv mythtv at mdabbs.org
Sat Oct 15 14:22:23 UTC 2016

On 10/13/2016 11:09 AM, Josh Rosenberg wrote:
> Hey, all. I have a Raspberry Pi 3 frontend that I'm tinkering with,
> and I can't quite get totally smooth playback on (American) football.
> The problem is most evident during downfield passes, or any other
> situation where the camera is panning. My current combined
> frontend/backend (a full 0.28 machine that I'd like to move out of the
> living room, with 8GB RAM, an NVIDIA video card that does great with
> VDPAU, etc.) has noticeably smoother playback that I've gotten used
> to.
> The current setup is wired ethernet, 384MB of RAM configured for
> video, the newest version of Raspbian with the MythTV Light 0.28
> packages installed as per the wiki, OpenMax Normal video profile
> (OpenMax High seemed worse), and no other frontend setup tweaks that I
> can remember.
> Some of the video is US HD cable recorded via an HDHomeRun Prime
> (about 6GB/hr MPEG2, and I do have the Pi MPEG2 license), and some of
> it is transcoded (mp4 container, H.264 video, I forget what audio
> codec, and about 1GB/hr). The problem is just as evident with the
> transcoded video as the raw video.
> Any suggestions? Or should I just ditch this and buy a ZBox on Ebay?
> Thanks,
> Josh
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I, too, have trouble reaching the perfect playback, although mine is
with hockey.  Same thing, when the camera pans, there's an occasional
stutter.  I followed the same instructions and have tried all of the
appropriate optimizations from the wiki.  I chalked it up to not quite
ready for prime time just yet and will continue to wait.  I'm hoping it
can be achieved soon.  I like the IR receiver ability of the pi and the
small form factor that I can basically Velcro to the back of a TV.

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