[mythtv-users] MySQL issues on Mac OS frontend (other clients work fine)

Jon Raiford Raiford at labware.com
Wed Oct 12 15:05:35 UTC 2016

"mythtv-users" <mythtv-users-bounces at mythtv.org> wrote on 10/12/2016 
10:21:57 AM:

> > There has been no response to this post. Does that mean nobody else 
has tried or does it mean nobody else has seen this issue.
> > I was about to upgrade my backend to 0.28 but one front end is a mac 
and I don’t want to break a working system so I froze in my track and 

> I have a version of 0.28 I downloaded (I think from Sourceforge), and 
> it's working fine.
> Is there any chance it's a firewall issue? Are you running Little Snitch 

> or anything like that on the Mac?

I carried on by myself and found the problem to be something to do with 
the mythtv MySQL tweaks.  I eventually went through all of the mysql 
config files and removed anything extra I could find and then everything 
worked fine.  I wish I found out what actually caused it though.

With that said, I still have a fairly major problem.  Ever since migrating 
to 0.28 I have been unable to edit out commercials cleanly.  I can still 
edit them fine for recordings made back on 0.27 in the 0.28 setup, but 
anything that was recorded by 0.28 is flakey.  What I mean by that is, 
I'll press E to go into edit mode and as I shift back and forth x number 
of seconds or minutes, the screen will start to show the correct frame and 
then snap back to a different frame.  It makes editing a nightmare.

Regarding upgrading, I don't know if my problems are a result of upgrading 
Mythtv or if it is a result of upgrading Mythbuntu.  I do wish now that I 
had not done anything.  I upgraded because I was tired of my Mac frontend 
always shifting up the screen as I switched inputs on my receiver.  I 
would constantly have to exit MythFrontend and restart it so I could see 
the whole screen.  The good part is the new frontend no longer does this, 
but I've missed a few recordings messing with this upgrade and I still 
have the editing problems.  I wish I never upgraded.

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