[mythtv-users] Failed recordings tuner?

Barry Martin barry3martin at gmail.com
Sun Oct 9 23:29:27 UTC 2016

Hi Jay!

> You can usually determine which 'input' was used, either from the
> filename of the recording or, depending on which version of MythTV you
> have, using the 'i' twice method as mentioned by others. Associating an
> input with a specific tuner depends on how you configured your
> inputs/tuners.  I have six tuners (3 HDHRs), and I configured each on
> it's own input, so I can easily determine this kind of thing.
That isn't working here, apparently because of the Theme I selected.  
I'll further my journey into learning basic programming with the line 
John suggested.  :)

> Another approach is to select each tuner in live TV mode and see which
> one is wonky.  For HDHR tuners, you can use the hdhomerungui application
> and check each tuner to find which one is bad.  For me, it usually is
> the wall wart power supply that needs replacing.

Thought of that; really hate to because whenever its windy and watching 
a weaker station as if it excessively pixellates/looses the signal for 
more than a bit the Backend can lock up.  The good news is it doesn't 
have the lock up issue when recording -- I'll get some psychedelic video 
at times, which truncates the recording time to sometimes almost nil.

As I mentioned in my first reply to Mike, I did replace two short coax 
runs from the 4x splitter to the three tuner inputs.  Hopefully that was 
the issue.
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