[mythtv-users] Backend machine seems to crash every few days

David Scammell davescammell at gmail.com
Mon Oct 3 21:13:18 UTC 2016

Its a bit extreme but unexpected failures can be due to psu's going
south, imho they don't last forever, having had several die in subtle
ways over the years. If all else fails try a replacement if you have a
spare around.

On 3 October 2016 at 14:36, Damian <myth at surr.co.uk> wrote:
> On 03/10/2016 14:34, Hika van den Hoven wrote:
>> Hoi Damian,
>> Monday, October 3, 2016, 12:31:55 PM, you wrote:
>>> On 30/09/2016 16:24, Keith Pyle wrote:
>>>> On 09/30/16 07:00, Damian wrote:
>>>>> And if I need to go to the logs, how the hell do you guys get useful
>>>>> information out of them? I may as well be looking at the code from the
>>>>> Matrix for all of the sense they make to me!
>>>> I'll grant that reading some of the log files can be challenging. Even
>>>> if you're not too familiar with them, a pattern recognition approach
>>>> can be useful.
>>>>  1. Look at a section of the logs covering a few hours when the system
>>>>     is behaving normally.  This will give you an idea of messages that
>>>>     your system routinely logs and that (probably) don't relate to the
>>>>     problem.
>>>>  2. Look at the log messages made at the time of the problem and for a
>>>>     few minutes previously.  Disregard messages that you saw
>>>>     frequently in step 1.  The remainder *may* be interesting and
>>>>     related to the problem.
>>>>  3. If you have multiple failures logged, see if the same messages
>>>>     appear at the time of each failure.
>>>>  4. Pay particular attention if you see messages at any time that use
>>>>     "fail", "not responding", "error", "fault", "out of memory",
>>>>     "oops", "panic", or similar worrisome phrases.
>>>> Once you have some suspect messages, Google for hints on their meaning
>>>> and/or ask.
>>>> Keith
>>> Thanks everyone,
>>> I have:
>>> - Plugged in a monitor, keyboard and mouse
>>> - Run memtest+ for about 6 hours
>>> - Removed and replaced the 3 hard drives and checked connections
>>> - Hoovered up the small amount of dust that was inside.
>> One remark for next time. Never use a vacuum to clean a computer as it
>> will create static electricity which can cause damage!
>> Anyway succes!
> D'oh! I Didn't know that. Thanks Hika
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