[mythtv-users] I could use some help with Schedules Direct and/or XMLTV

E James e_james at dsl.pipex.com
Sat Jun 25 02:30:56 UTC 2016

There are many large holes in my knowledge and understanding of Linux, MythTV, MYSQL, XML, XMLTV and Schedules Direct. 

Since last September I have been obtaining schedule information for 21 UK TV channels with commands like this "wget http://xmltv.radiotimes.com/xmltv/2047.dat" but metabroadcast.com has now shut down this service. Apparently Schedules Direct may be a suitable substitute but I don't understand how to use it. All I need is the raw schedule data. I don't need or want to import it into any "approved application". I can write Paradox Objectpal code to convert the data into a more readable database structure which works well for what I need. It's not clear if this is permitted by Schedules Direct.

I would appreciate some advice on what is possible, what is permitted and some help with implementation.

I am currently running MythTV 0.27 on Lubuntu 13.10 and I run Paradox 7 either via Wine on Zorin 9 or on Windows XP Pro SP2.

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