[mythtv-users] UK migration to SD

Mike Perkins mikep at randomtraveller.org.uk
Wed Jun 22 18:07:15 UTC 2016

Since I have just rescanned my transports - an unbelievably complicated and soul-destroying process 
- I cannot use the code at the bottom of:


Reason: I no longer have any of the old IDs.

I can find no way to associate the 5-digit SD xmltvids with the channel names, which is all I have left.

I am sure that on the old tv_grab_uk_rt script there was a way to dump out the correspondances but 
there doesn't appear to be that option in tv_grab_sd_json. Sorry, Robert (E).

I should probably post this to the SD forums, except I am apparently too stupid to defeat the 
anti-spam question in the sign-up procedure :(


Mike Perkins

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