[mythtv-users] hls server problems

Holger Gross gross.holger at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 07:14:37 UTC 2016

hey, recently i tried the hls streaming demo page in the backend.
everything seems to work fine, but the produced video files are broken. i
have uploaded a part of them to

i am using the mythbuntu ppa with following version

mythbackend --version
Please attach all output as a file in bug reports.
MythTV Version : v0.28-36-gd5b82a7
MythTV Branch : fixes/0.28
Network Protocol : 88
Library API : 0.28.20160309-1
QT Version : 5.5.1
Options compiled in:
 linux profile use_hidesyms using_alsa using_oss using_pulse
using_pulseoutput using_backend using_bindings_perl using_bindings_python
using_bindings_php using_crystalhd using_dvb using_firewire using_frontend
using_hdhomerun using_vbox using_ceton using_hdpvr using_ivtv
using_joystick_menu using_libcec using_libcrypto using_libdns_sd
using_libfftw3 using_libxml2 using_lirc using_mheg using_opengl
using_opengl_video using_qtwebkit using_qtscript using_qtdbus using_sdl
using_taglib using_v4l2 using_x11 using_xrandr using_xv using_profiletype
using_bindings_perl using_bindings_python using_bindings_php
using_freetype2 using_mythtranscode using_opengl using_vaapi using_vdpau
using_ffmpeg_threads using_mheg using_libass using_libxml2

i there something i am doing wrong?
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