[mythtv-users] DVB-T Hell in Sydney

Igor Cicimov icicimov at gmail.com
Fri Jun 3 03:27:28 UTC 2016

On 3 Jun 2016 11:58 am, "Doug Scoular (dscoular)" <dscoular at cisco.com>
> Hi All,
>         There's been an interesting development in my 0.28 DVB-T drama...
> first let me answer some of the replies I've received.
> mikep wrote:
> > To mention the obvious, have you checked that the transmitter is
> >actually working? Have there been
> > changes in frequency allocations, transmitter power levels or maybe
> >there is scheduled (or
> > unscheduled) maintenance going on?
> and perkins1724 wrote (possibly the same person):
> >
> > Are you sure you are on the correct transmitter? This site lists a
> >completely different set of frequencies for Bouddi.
> >
> > https://ozdigitaltv.com/transmitters/NSW/32-Bouddi
>         Well, in my email my focus was really on the fact that external to
> mythtv, tzap is still able to get lock on any channels that show up in a
> scan. Prior to this I had suspected something had happened to my antenna
> or the transmitter. That told me that at least some of the channels were
> okay.
>         There is very little status information to be had from any of the
> broadcasting sites I could find through google. I did stumble upon the
> exact link you quoted above and I also noticed that the frequencies quoted
> were quite different to those provided in the Ubuntu 16.04 /usr/share/dvb
> initial scan files for au-Newcastle. I even created my own initial tuning
> file with the frequencies I found... but none of them would get lock. I
> have no clue how to determine which transmitter is actually in use other
> than by the general direction the antenna is pointing in. However, read
> on...
>         I then had a brain-wave, I still had my April 23rd version of
> 14.10 and mythtv 0.27 sitting on my /dev/sda2 partition. That was the date
> I decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to 0.28... I was super impressed
> at how smoothly this went at the time. Anyway, I rebooted in to 14.10
> running 0.27 and found that all networks and all their respective channels
> work! There's nothing wrong with the transmitter, antenna or the quad
> shielded cable. Scans on 0.27 don't show Southern Cross Ten or Seven etc.
> but tzap will happily get lock on all of them as will mythtv 0.27.
>         I cannot just revert back to my April 23rd 0.27 as there have
been way
> too many episodes of Masterchef recorded :^) and I assume my database
> schema evolved somewhat when going from 0.27 to 0.28.
>         0.28 *was* working perfectly on all channels till the end of May.
> Something, maybe through an auto-update, changed and suddenly 0.28
> couldn't tune to any channels (and tzap could only tune to a limited
> subset even when using old channels.conf files).
>         My plan is to reboot in to 0.27, export my channel and
> tables and reboot back into 0.28. I'll backup my 0.28 mythconverg
> database. Delete all 0.28 channels, try a rescan (no doubt losing Seven,
> Southern Cross Ten, and possibly, ABC in the process) and see if mythtv
> 0.28 is able to get lock again. If that succeeds I'll try hand merging my
> other 0.27 channel and dtv_multiplex tables back in.
>         The worrying aspect is the fact that tzap under 14.10 can tune to
> channels but under 16.04 it could only tune to channels that had shown up
> in a scan. It's a real puzzler. I'm also surprised that under 14.10 and
> 0.27 I can get lock on channels via tzap that do not show up in a scan.
>         I'll try and update this thread when I can make a comparison of
the 0.27
> dtv_multiplex/channel tables and the 0.28 ones currently buggered.
>         Again, any thoughts or insight as to why this might of happened
> appreciated.

Not sure if this helps but I'm in Sydney and I did update mythtv (on
mythbuntu 14.04 though) from 0.27 to 0.28 about a month ago and I can
confirm that all channels work properly for me as they did on 0.27.
Tuning&recording all good here.


>         Cheers,
>         Doug
>         "The big print giveth and the small print taketh away..."
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