[mythtv-users] 0.25 Major AV sync problems

David Moore dmoo1790 at ihug.co.nz
Sun Jun 3 09:25:47 UTC 2012

Audio/Video sync has not been good for me ever since I upgraded to 0.25. 
But since I haven't seen others complaining I wonder if I have a config 
problem. Here's what I see:

- OSD of Playback Data frequently shows A/V Sync values of around -2 and 
never "pulls in" to lower values without user intervention.
- Actual AV sync is not as bad as -2 seconds but is a large fraction of 
a second.
- Seeking forwards or backwards almost always degrades AV sync.
- Pausing/unpausing usually, but not always, helps AV sync.
- Seeking back to the start of a recording loses sync for a few seconds 
and sometimes never recovers. Audio and/or video may break up. 
Ridiculously huge AV sync values are shown in the OSD and frontend log.
- After seeking to the start and breaking sync it seems seeking forward 
recovers sync.

So am I the only one seeing this? If so, what is the magic config option 
that I'm missing?

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