[mythtv-users] How MythTV Works / Custom Front End

John Pilkington J.Pilk at tesco.net
Wed May 4 14:24:30 UTC 2011

On 04/05/11 11:37, Simon Hobson wrote:
> Mike Perkins wrote:
>> It very rarely is the case that one can just say "I want to record this only".
>> Do you really want to have to search the schedules every day and
>> pick up every  program you might wish to record? There is a very
>> good reason why mythtv has the  program selection and scheduling
>> mechanism it does, and I suggest you spend some time and become
>> completely familiar with it before attempting to build something
>> which only provides a limited subset of its facilities.
> I'll second that. Before getting MythTV running, I used to use EyeTV,
> along with remote scheduling via tvtv.co.uk. Manually selecting
> showings to avoid conflicts was, to be polite, a right pain in the
> posterior and I'd never willingly go back to it. What Myth can do
> (even with a single DVB-T tuner) is "quite awesome" and a mind
> blowing achievement when you start to look at the complexity of the
> job.
> Even if I'm browsing listings and selecting individual programs to
> record, I'll still normally select the "find and record one showing"
> so that the scheduler can pick a repeat if it avoids a conflict.

It looks as if you want to provide a 'record on demand' service to a 
number of clients - you don't say whether they are 'staff' or 'pupils' 
at your College.

But as Simon said, it would be easy to overcommit the system and get a 
selection of recordings that would satisfy no-one.  In the early stages, 
at least, I'm sure you will need a system manager person able to resolve 
conflicts using an acceptable set of priorities and with feedback from 
both the myth scheduler and the client people.  Trying to do it all at 
once seems a tall order.

To be honest, I select most of my recordings on the graphical schedule, 
using input from the Sunday Times listings.  This is unfashionable, but 
making a formal set of rules for what I might want to watch seems a tall 
order too.


John P

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