[mythtv-users] I think mythweb 0.17 is killing mythbackend

Will Dormann wd at pobox.com
Mon Feb 28 22:40:06 UTC 2005

stephen wrote:
> I've seen my mythbackend die on a couple different occasions as well.  I 
> use mythweb (installed on a separate box from any of my mythtv 
> machines), but I'm not sure if it is the sole cause.  If I delete a 
> recording from a frontend (i.e. from the "Watch Recordings" section 
> after viewing one), sometimes the master backend seems to just "go 
> away".  I have the mythbackend process set to log "all", but there is no 
> indication of a problem.

Ah, great! (I think)   So I'm not the only one!

This problem has been killing me, and I'm pretty close to going back to 
0.16 as I can't seem to keep my mythbackend running for more than 24 
hours.  (Which makes it pretty useless)

I've followed a few red herrings so far, such as a crummy NIC, Stale NFS 
file handle errors, and the very latest being a possible problem with 


This seemed plausible, as the crashes seemed to correlate to database 
activity, such as looking at the recorded programs list or using 
mythweb.   I've compiled my own mysql with the patch referenced above, 
but that still hasn't made a difference.

To top it all off, I can't seem to get mythbackend to run from gdb. 
There appears to possibly be a problem with multithreaded applications 
on Linux 2.6.x and gdb?

I just got the latest (6.3) version of gdb, and I'm now able to run 
mythbackend from gdb, so hopefully I'll get some good info from that...


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