[mythtv-users] Upcoming Recordings is Blank

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Mon Feb 28 17:36:53 UTC 2005

Scott Carr wrote:
> I have been using MythTV for about 5 or 6 months, and have been pretty
> impressed with it so far.  I recently switched to .17 about 1-2 weeks ago,
> and everything went fine with it.
> I tried a new feature called "Custom Record".  I believe this feature will
> test the incoming records from Zap2It, and run queries against the data to
> see if it matches my Custom Record query.  This is something I'd like to
> do.

While you are creating the rule, the test button checks for matches
in the current listings. When you choose record and save the options,
it becomes a record rule like all the others and the scheduler will
find new matches over time as the listing are updated.

> But:  Each night system updates the zap2it database, ALL of my upcoming
> recordings VANISH.  They are not in the list at all anymore.  I have had
> to rebuild the list twice so far, and I setup the Custom Record queries on
> Saturday.

"Each night"? Was the schedule okay after you first set the rule?
Is the schedule okay when you restart the master backend? When the
schedule is blank, does running "mythbackend --resched" from another
shell fix the problem? Oh, and if this happens when the system updates
the zap2it database, is there show information in the Program Guide?
You did say you are using .17 but if you are using CVS, there was
a bug a few days ago that caused mythfilldatabase to fail. If you
are using CVS from a few days ago, update to current CVS.

> How can I help to research what the problem may be for this feature.

Safety first. Get a dump of your current database:


Most likely there is a syntax error in a rule that causes the
scheduler to fail. One of many possibilities, for example, is
quoting something like "That '70s Show" could cause mis-matched
quotes. I'd like to see what you have and see if there is a better
way to handle whatever happened in your case. Please sent your
output from the following query:

$ mysql -u mythtv -pmythtv -hnordtv mythconverg
mysql> select type,title,description from record where search=1\G

> Currently, I want to just remove the search as it is seriously messing up
> my system.

Go to the Set Priorities page which shows all of your current
rules. Look for the ones that end with "(Power Search)" and find
the one you added last. One at a time, press enter, change the
record type to "Do not record this program", choose Save then
check the Upcoming Recordings page. Hopefully, the schedule will
be filled in once the rule with the problem is removed. If so,
point out which one it was in the output of the SQL query above.

--  bjm

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