[mythtv-users] is my processor to blame? (lockups, problems with FF and REW)

Aaron Aguilar aaronaguilar at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 15:17:15 UTC 2005

First off thanks so much to this list and to Jared for helping me set
up a working mythtv box.  My setup:

AMD Duron 650Mhz
384mb RAM
Samsung 160GB HDD
Hauppauge PVR250
FC3 2.6.10kernel

My system works quite well recording shows, and even watching live tv
if I don't do too many things.  (changing channels, pulling up the
guide, changing settings)  However, once I start navigating through
mythtv, sometimes my system will lockup and the only thing I can do is
restart.  I am thinking this happens because my processor can't keep
up with the demands I am putting on it?  So any opinions on this maybe
from someone using a low end machine like mine?  I don't want to
upgrade my mobo/proc unless I have to.

Also when fast forwarding or rewinding through a recorded show it will
work just fine for about 10 seconds then the picture just freezes.  I
have to hit FF, REW, or play to get the picture to unfreeze.  I don't
know if this is hardware related or maybe I have some settings messed
up on mythfrontend?

Thanks so much for any help,

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