[mythtv-users] Auto-Expire Issues

Nicholas McCoy mccoyn at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 14:07:05 UTC 2005

I had auto-expire stop working shortly after upgrading to .17.  I
don't know if it was related to the upgrade though.  I noticed that I
couldn't manually delete the oldest auto-expiring recording either.  I
posted it at the mysettopbox forum.

After repairing my tables everything worked fine for a few days. Then,
suddenly, it stopped recording. It still lists scheduled recordings,
but nothing gets recorded.

Some investigation showed that the hda4 (where my recordings are at)
was full. I tried manually deleting the oldest recording that was
supposed to auto-expire. Everything worked like it was supposed to,
except that when it was done, the recording was still listed. Next, I
tried to delete the file manually (getting the filename from mythweb.)
This resulted in a file not found message. Apparently it is listed in
the database, but there is no file to delete. This leads to an error,
which seems to block the auto-expire.

Here is how I fixed it: 

1. From a console create an empty file using a text editor. 
vi /myth/tv/empty.nuv 

2. From the front end find the oldest auto-expire recording. Try to
delete it. If this works, you have a different problem.

3. Use mythweb or something else to find the filename. From a console
copy the empty.nuv file to the currupted filename.

4. From the front end delete the previously currupted file. This
should work as it will delete the copy.

5. Repeat step 2 through 4 until you are confident you've cleaned out
the problem. I'm not sure if this will require deleting all the files
or not.

6. Delete empty.nuv 

This is rather tedious, and there is probally a better way to do it,
but at least it worked for me.

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 11:55:10 +1100, Eli Amler <eli at amler.com> wrote:
> Hi There, 
> Still looking for clues as to why my Auto Expire does not work since
> upgrading from .16 to .17 
> Can I get some suggestions for things to look for. 
> Thanks 
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