[mythtv-users] CRTIICAL: don't know why it happens [please help]

Neil neil-on-mythtv at restricted.dyndns.org
Mon Feb 28 04:53:13 UTC 2005

I need help here again. I am using crt monitor and a Mitsubishi 48" HDTV. My 
myth machine connects to my hdtv via DVI cable. 

Using this xorg.conf, http://restricted.dyndns.org/twinview_xorg.conf.txt - 
everything is awesome. My xinerama in mythfrontend is set to 1 here. 

Using this xorg.conf with VGA cable removed, only DVI cable is connected, 
http://restricted.dyndns.org/singlehead_xorg.conf.txt - I am able to display 
X at 1080i. I am even able to run mythfrontend and able to see the menus. My 
xinerama is set to 0 here since I only have 1 output and that is the hdtv. 
But when I start watching livetv or recorded programs, I just get a blank 
screen and stuttering sound. Please see the mythfrontend log that I have 
captured. And maybe, you can tell me what I forgot to change. Here it is: 

Please help. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 



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