[mythtv-users] screen goes black after inactivity after FC2 upgrade

Gabe Rubin gaberubin at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 01:29:01 UTC 2005

> One suggestion is to add the xset stuff to your myth user's login scripts,
> seems some folks need to have them there. Another suggestion would be to add
> this to xorg.conf:
> Section "ServerFlags"
>         Option "blank time" "0"
>         Option "standby time" "0"
>         Option "suspend time" "0"
>         Option "off time" "0"
> EndSection
I implemented both of these changes and it seems like it may have done
the trick (I have let box idle for 10 minutes, and no black screen). 
I will know for sure tomorrow morning when either I can turn on my
mythbox or have to restart gdm again.

Thanks though, that looks like the trick I needed.

> Sorry it hasn't gone as smooth... :-(
It is not too bad.  Most everything I was able to troubleshoot on my
own, and as always, it is a learning process for me.  There were no
apt repositories for ratpoison that did not depend on XFree86, so that
required a fresh install, had to setup gdm again, figure out some
screwiness with lirc and ivtv, but fortunatly, nothing major broke,
and I am up and running now.  I am a lot more concerned about the
transition to fc3, so hopefully fc2 will be supported for the long

Anyways, the machine is still staring back at me 15 minutes later, so
I think these changes make it good to go.  As always Jarod, THANKS!

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