[mythtv-users] New Style Hauppauge Remote

Maverick mavantix at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 00:55:12 UTC 2005

> I saw that Hauppauge has a new remote control for sale. According to
> the text on the site, it's compatible with existing boards. Has anyone
> purchased one yet for use with MythTV? If so, were there any problems
> getting it configured? It's got many more buttons and looks like it
> would be well worth it. I'm using a PVR-250, so obviously I'm
> wondering how well they play together. If this has been covered
> before, my apologies.
> http://registration.hauppauge.com/webstore/hardware.asp#remote

That's the remote I got with the purchase of my PVR-350 last month. It
works fine as long as you use the correct lircd config files...

On the topic of universal remotes, I'm using a Home Theater Master
SL-9000 my brother got me when I got my first big screen:


I've had it for years and love it. I think my favorite feature is the
big "Light" button on the bottom of it that turns on the
blue-glow-backlight for all the buttons, so it's really easy to find
the right key in the dark! :) It's not the most modern by maybe some
of today's standards, but it learns all IR remotes/codes I've ever
tried. (It can learn up to 8 devices, and each button can be mapped to
any code it can learn from another remote and there's 5 macro


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