[mythtv-users] old DFI CA61 MB and a pvr-350?

Gary Pinkham gpinkham at comcast.net
Mon Feb 28 00:23:25 UTC 2005

So anyways before my wife kills me for leaving a machine in the middle 
of our family room for three weeks without any success, I'm going to try 
out another machine..    

I have an old DFI CA61 MB with a Pentium III 733mhz cpu and a Via 
693A/596B chipset that I'd like to use with my PVR-350...      Any one 
have any experience with this combo???  

for those wondering...  Stock compaq presario sr1200nx (200 bucks at 
staples!!!) ..    TV-OUT is jumpy and the machine locks/freezes every 
few minutes when trying to view tv-out..   (did notice a "DEC: DMA too 
many tries" or similar message..  Don't see anyone else reporting it on 
the mailing lists so I'm assuming it's a new one)..   (fyi.. using a 
2.6.10 with non 4kstack kernel (fedora core 3) with ivtv 0.2.0.rc3f, a 
pvr-350 (new tuner type 47) and a ndiswrapper wireless card and Via 
KM400A chipset on an Asus MB)

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