[mythtv-users] DPMS monitor standby/resume

Phill Edwards philledwards at gmail.com
Sun Feb 27 23:41:47 UTC 2005

> > Write a script to grep the output from "xset q" output, and run the same
> > command with the appropriate on/off argument. Unfortunately "force on"
> > doesn't seem to work for me :-(
> Ok, thanks for that.  This almost does the trick...
> if xset q|grep -q "Monitor is On"
> then
>        xset dpms force off
> else
>        xset dpms force on
> fi
> The only niggle I have now is that the screen is blank when it comes back on,
> I have to press another button to make X appear.  Time to go digging for
> whatever does that and make it stop...

Maybe you could use xloadimage to load an image which might force X to
appear, and then unload it straight away by killing xloadimage?


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