[mythtv-users] RE: Problem with ffwd/rwd in 0.17 recordings

William Uther willu.mailingLists at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Feb 27 22:33:11 UTC 2005

   I'm seeing a weird timing issue with myth.  As the recording is going 
on, the length of the program, as reported by 'i', goes up very slowly, 
as does the current time.  It is like the system is reporting the true 
time divided by some large number.  When you skip forward or backwards, 
the system skips forward the correct number of seconds in displayed 
time, but that is a huge jump in 'normal time'.  Playback is at normal 
speed, and I've checked the time stretch option is set at 1.0.  Old 
recordings are OK, as are some new recordings.

It has just started in the last few days (I've been running 0.17 CVS 
for about a week - packages based on mdz's debian packages).  I'm 
running debian testing (with some unstable).  There are a few things 
that changed on my system in the last few days:

   - I used aptitude to update all my debian packages.
   - I tried installing mythvideo and mythdvd, had a very brief play, 
and then uninstalled them.
   - I accessed the sql database directly to turn off the mythweather 
animated weather map.
   - I accessed the sql database directly to turn off commercial 
flagging in all recordings.
   - I re-built all my myth packages from scratch with the latest CVS 
(this was an attempt to solve the issue - it didn't).

   Unfortunately I did these all these in relatively quick succession 
with only quick tests between - I don't know what caused the breakage.

   I noticed that other people have had similar problems (hence the 
subject).  Was there a solution found?


Will        :-}

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