[mythtv-users] PVR 350 Output Help

Chris Burgess chris at netdirect.ca
Sun Feb 27 21:28:31 UTC 2005

I am hoping someone can help me with an output problem with my PVR350.

I am using the video out on the PVR350 as the display for my system. 

I have the ivtv driver installed successfully and I am able to pump
video from my video in to my video out issuing the following command.

# ivtvfbctl /dev/fb1 -alpha -on -globalalpha -nolocalalpha
# dd if=/dev/video0 of=/dev/video16 bs=64k

If I do that I get the video signal from my cable in showing perfectly 
on the television.

I used the Wilsonet documents to setup my box and modified the initrd 
as directed to have the PVR350 display everything right from boot. This 
works but the video is mangled. Signal shows intermingled white lines 
and a portion of the display repeated over and over. I can clear this up
by issuing the command:

# ivtvfbctl /dev/fb1 -alpha -on -globalalpha -nolocalalpha

but then I just get a black screen.

Does anyone know what is going on or how to fix this?


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